The Minister
Broken Pieces into a Masterpeice

Naomi is a pew baby from a family of Faith. Her personal call in life is to help people reconcile in 3 part with (self) with (others) and with (God).

But her story did not start with her in-fact before she was born her mother a woman of faith met an evangelist who started a Word of Faith church in her village in Burundi. At this time she was sick with au unknown illness she exhausted all resources in short of going to the community "medicine man". She went to the pentecostal church and was healed. She then went back home interrupting religious norms. Soon after she married that young evangelist. 

A tribal genocide happened causing a disruption. Her mother trusted God during that season of uncertainty having to navigate people from the tribe she married into wanting to take her life. After finding refuge in a camp her husband continued evangelizing in other camps during those 5 years a family of 3 grew into a family of 5.

Naomi birthed into chaos had her own encounters with the God of her parents after experiencing internal and external chaos. Naomi received her heavenly language at age 9. Accepted her ministerial calling at age 13. Became a campus missionary at age 19 and began homeless and prison ministries. Started preaching at age 21. Her relationship with God caused her to encounter broken people and give them a hope.  

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